Excellence in Community Engagement

Award Criteria and Eligibility

This Award is open to any business that is operating in Fife, and that can demonstrate a partnership(s) with a local community group(s) or participation in a local community project(s) that has significant benefit.

Winning this Award requires you to show that you are putting significant time, effort and resource (relative to the size of your business) into the partnership/project to secure the best outcome possible.

Entries for this Award will not be accepted from public sector organisations or registered charities, and they will not be accepted for projects with local schools, for which there is a separate category.

Guidance Notes

Read the question carefully so you understand what you are being asked.

The word limit for each question is a maximum – don’t feel that you have to use all the words allotted.

The application form is not a grammar test – don’t worry about how good your writing skills are – just concentrate on getting your message across.

Use bullet points if that will help – it will also help you stay within the word limit. 

Don’t use jargon – the judges may not know what it means.

Use examples to demonstrate your claims.   The use of relevant statistics can also help to highlight your achievements but don’t use too many.

The judges are looking for evidence of your passion and enthusiasm, as well as your financial and operational achievements.  

Don't assume that other companies will have an application that is stronger than yours – be confident and apply.