For everything you need to know, we have compiled a list of anticipated questions and the answers to those, to help you have an enjoyable Fife Business Awards journey:

How do I enter the awards?

Entries can be made online at www.fifebusinessawards.com

If there is a valid reason preventing you from entering online, please contact Victoria, by emailing [email protected] and we will endeavour to make any necessary arrangements.

Can I save my application and go back to it?

No, but once you have completed your personal details, you can view and copy the questions, type your answers in a word document, at your own pace. On completion, your response can be copied over to the online application form.

Can I enter more than category?

Providing you meet the criteria, then yes, absolutely!

Is there a fee to enter?

No, the awards are completely free to enter, regardless of the number of categories entered.

Can I apply once the closing date has passed?

Applications will not be accepted after midnight, on the closing date of Friday 2nd November. If evidence of exceptional circumstances is presented, the judges may, at their discretion, accept the entry, but are under no obligation to do so – the judges’ decision is final.

I’ve entered the awards in the past, does that prevent me entering again?

No, you are more than welcome to enter the 2019 awards. Only the information submitted for the 2019 awards will be considered; no reference will be made to any previous shortlisting, and/or awards received.

Are the awards open to chamber members only?

No. We welcome applications from any business/organisation operating in Fife. All applications will be considered against the same rigorous shortlisting process.

Every year I have thought about entering, but would I just be wasting my time? as I’m sure that there are lots of similar businesses to me, that are doing bigger and better things.

If every winner and every finalist who felt this way hadn’t entered in the past, the Fife Business Awards would no longer exist. 80% of businesses that have entered in the past, asked themselves the same thing. Despite thinking that, they entered, because either a colleague, partner or friend told them otherwise and encouraged them to do it.

They did, and some won, and others were highly commended, and for those shortlisted in their category, against many similar businesses, they were overjoyed to have been recognised in that way. Every year, every winner says “I can’t believe we won, I really didn’t think we had a chance.”

The moral of the story! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain – What are you waiting for? Enter now.

I’m not a very good writer and would struggle with what to include in the form.Are there resources available to help?

Yes, help is available. In The Know Workshops, will let you meet previous winners and hear from and talk to some of the judges – all willing to share information, that will help you put together a great application.

I already feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is; If I enter the awards and I’m shortlisted, how much time can I expect to have to dedicate to meeting the panel and the behind the scenes visits etc.,

Meeting the judges, following which will likely be the piece to camera, will take no longer than one hour and the behind the scenes visit - to finalists only - no longer than an hour also.

Finalists will be provided with a date and time to meet the judges, and record the short piece to camera, with no less than 11 days’ notice.

The Behind the Scenes visits take place w/c 21st and 29th January. Finalists will be provided with the date and time for this, no later than the 15th December.

The dates given to meet the judges and the behind the scenes visits, cannot be rescheduled.

There was more than one person who played a role in the success of the project, and I feel that they too should be recognised. Can they join me to meet the panel and participate in the filming?

Of course! We would recommend that there are no more than three people in total. Ahead of the interview you will be expected to provide the names of those attending, and a very brief overview of their involvement in the project.

In addition, and to ensure that there is equal participation when meeting the panel, and to avoid anything important being missed, we would recommend that you discuss and plan individuals roles and agree participation, in advance.

I get nervous in front of a camera, finding that I mix my words and don’t say what I want to say, mumbling instead. Do I have to do the piece to camera?

The event audience want to get to know the finalists, and it is therefore important that you do take part. Bear in mind that you do not have to be filmed alone, you can bring a colleague – providing they have been involved in the project/businesses nominated.

If you are chosen as a finalist, you will receive key information on what to expect ahead of, and at the award ceremony. This will include filming guidance, in the form of questions specific to your category, ensuring you can prepare your response in advance, and have adequate time to rehearse this and feel comfortable with what you are going to say.

I know one of the judges well. Will this impact on my application?

Absolutely not! Each judge is provided with strict guidelines around several things. One of those is that they must declare if they know one or more of the applicants and explain the relationship with that applicant.

If the Chair of the judging panel feels that the judge/applicant relationship would impact the application, whether that be in a positive or negative way, the judge would be exempt from reviewing and meeting the said applicant.

Every application will be reviewed and measured against the criteria specific to the category, regardless of size, position in the industry, previous history with the Fife Business Awards and anything else that would result in an unfair and/or skewed judgement of the applicant.

Where and when will the awards be held?

The black-tie event, will be held on Friday 29th March 2019. The venue will be announced soon.