In the Know Workshops

"In the Know" Workshops gave aspiring winners an opportunity to hear from previous winners about their journey and the benefits of winning an award, and also from judges who were on hand with practical tips on how to complete an application and make it stand out.

Top Tips

Read the question carefully so you understand what you are being asked, and don’t neglect the word limit.

The word limit for each question is a maximum – don’t feel that you have to use all the words allotted.

The application form is not a grammar test – don’t worry about how good your writing skills are – just concentrate on getting your message across.

Using bullet points if that will help – it will also help you stay within the word limit. 

You know what your organisation does but the judges don’t – make sure you tell them.

Don’t use jargon – the judges may not know what they mean.

Use examples  to demonstrate your claims.   The more examples you include, the more you will show that what you are doing is absolutely central to how you run your business and not just a passing fad or fashion.  Statistics can help demonstrate your achievements but don’t use too many.

Let other people see your application before you send it – if you don’t have work colleagues who you can share it with, then ask a member of your family or a friend or someone that you know in another business to read it.

The judges are looking for passion and enthusiasm - let them feel how important it is to you that your customers get great customer service or that your employees get trained properly or that your business protects the environment. 

Don't assume that other companies will have an application that is stronger than yours - have confidence and apply.