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Can Your Business Afford To Pay The Penalties?

Any business fortunate enough not to have been embroiled in a legal dispute can count themselves very lucky. It is absolutely vital to have the correct procedures in place. Would you know what to do if an employee took you to a tribunal and the correct steps to take? If not, there could be a massive financial impact on your business.

As well as having to handle employment related disputes, one in ten businesses will be subject to an Inland Revenue Investigation each year requiring professional legal assistance. With Chamber Legal Services you have access to a helpline 24/7 and are also covered for the work required if your business is being investigated.

Free legal cover worth up to £1,000,000 with your Fife Chamber membership

Fife Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Composite Legal Expenses to provide your business with a free Legal Expenses Insurance policy. This means you are covered for up to £1,000,000 worth of professional and legal fees each year with no excess to pay! The cover can pay for a local solicitor or other professional to represent your business in each of the areas covered by the policy.

Areas covered by the policy include employment disputes and awards, prosecution defence, tax/VAT investigations, property & landlord disputes, license protection, jury service cover, data protection act, business motoring and personal injury.

Free Chamber Legal Advice Line 24/7

In the event of a dispute it is essential that you contact the Chamber Legal Advice Line at the earliest opportunity. Delaying notifying the insurers could jeopardise your cover.

The Advice Line will guide you through the legal process and should prevent issues from escalating in the first place.

Contact the Fife Chamber of Commerce team on 01592 647740 or email: or visit for more details.


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