What our Members say

"The Scottish Enterprise Briefing and Breakfast was a very good event , I arrived at 8:30am to a full room which was very positive.

I did enjoy the talk by Steve Dunlop also, I thought that was very good and managed to catch Steve on the day before heading off. 

I have dropped a message to Gavin via Linkedin re the venue , which was also super.

It was the first event I have attended, and found it to be very well organised through-out."

John Tulloch

“The behind the scenes visit was very inspiring and thought proving. I was amazed and a bit overwhelmed with their visual Process Management system.  It is however great to see this embraced by their teams.

Gavin and his team are first class. I was very impressed with all employees at Diageo (Leven). They appear very engaged, motivated and have a clear vision. Gavin’s strong leadership qualities definitely shine through.To have some apprentices involved in the PR process too is a master stroke. It creates great self-esteem for the younger generation and gives them a tremendous boost and demonstrates they are valued. I could also sense they are very proud to be connected with Diageo and have a bright future ahead.

We are very fortunate to have such a excellent employer in Fife.”

Gary Smith

"The Edinburgh Airport Briefing was up there as being one of the best Chamber events I have attended.

 I thought the length of time for questions was great and definitely much better than the usual 5 / 10 minutes that’s left at the end of an event for questions."

"It might sound cliche, but the more you put into the Chamber, the more you'll get out of it. I've found it to be an incredible source of connections, inspiration and learning. Just to be part of a membership of local businesses and organisations has been phenomenal. 

I've contributed to events, I've attended lots of events, I'm in regular contact with my account manager, and all of these things mean that being an active part of the Chamber is one of my key strategies for developing my business, and ensuring that I am staying current and visible."

Sam Forsberg

“At a Chamber lunch in St Andrews I sat at the same table as an accountant who told me that one of her clients was having difficulty recruiting staff.  I asked for an introduction, and she set that up for me.  The net result is that last month the client took on a new, ex-military member of staff who I found for him, and today his invoice has been paid.  Business successfully completed: business that would not have taken place without the Chamber.

Bernie Hewitt

"A great example of how the Chamber helped us make new contacts was when we were named as a new member in its E-newsletter, which resulted in three existing members calling us to arrange meetings to hear more about what we could do for them."

Jim Donnelly