Charitable Support – Giving Back

Fife Chamber in the Community

Fife Chamber is proud to be a leader in the Fife business community but we are also gratified to be able to use our position, influence and the generosity of our big-hearted members to support the wider civic community that we are all part of.

Many charities are members of Fife Chamber and use our events to meet local businesses and the many communication platforms we provide to promote their campaigns and fundraising.

All of our charity members share in the money that we raise with generous members from the prize draw raffles we hold at our Showcase events, which between 2016 and the end of 2021 amounted to the tune of £30,000.

Our big campaigns include:

  • Rising Stars: which helps us to showcase Fife’s talented young people.
  • Armed Force's advocacy: give an additional platform to promote the work of the charities working specifically in those areas.

Some of the good causes that have benefitted are: Aberlour Children's Charity where our members raised over £500 at the whole in 1 challenge at the Fife Chamber Golf Challenge event. Over £4000 was raised at Fife Business Awards Ceremony our biggest event of the year to our amazing 20 + charity members.

"Fife Gingerbread has developed key relationships with businesses in Fife by being a part of the Chamber - our fundraising has grown from strength to strength in the past three years, and our membership has been a key part of that.
We have developed relationships from attending events, working closely with the staff and having the opportunity to tell our story at the chamber, we really have benefitted greatly from our membership, and hope to be a part of the chamber for many years to come." Linsey Proctor, Fife Gingerbread

“We really cannot thank you enough for your support over the last year and it is thanks to your events that we have stayed in touch with so many.” Tracy Watt, Held in our Hearts