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Fife Chamber of Commerce - Fife's Business Membership Organisation

Scotland is home to some of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurial and dynamic business talent, known worldwide for pushing the boundaries of innovative ideas. A membership with Fife Chamber offers you the chance to become part of Scotland’s wide network of business professionals.

As we are affiliated with both the Scottish Chambers of Commerce and the British Chambers of Commerce, we act as a doorway for business owners to broaden their networks and collaborate with those operating within Scotland and further afield. Our services bring you opportunity and support throughout the whole of the UK and worldwide.

This allows our members to tap into knowledge, insight and expertise from others working throughout Fife, Scotland, across the UK and internationally.

Not only do we create connections, but we facilitate them. Choosing us means choosing a business network membership where our team will help you to reach out to the wider community. We provide a chance to build and create valuable connections, relationships and opportunities through our many networking events, online events and business engagement initiatives.

Whatever the size of your organisation, we offer our experience and wisdom to share smart insights through strong connections from a diverse range of business sectors and specialisms.

Who are we?

Fife Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organisation. Our primary aim is to support you and your business towards achieving its goals. We do this by opening doors for you and your business, introducing you to other professionals in a purposeful way, all within a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Our strong values are the cornerstone of what we do. We never compromise on the integrity that is now associated with our name.

  • We energise: We focus on driving growth and prosperity.
  • We inspire: We bring you the opportunities, connections and ideas before you’ve thought of them yourself.
  • We lead: We bring you business insights, share our knowledge with you, and offer you our dedicated support to help you drive your organisation forward.
  • We act: We proactively advocate for your business and deliver networking events and engagement initiatives, helping you create valuable connections and lasting relationships.

We consider ourselves a team of dynamic, engaging, and energetic individuals who will always go above and beyond to see you succeed.

Connecting Business

A business gets stronger with every valuable connection it makes. We facilitate business networking through chamber membership. With a corporate Fife Chamber membership, anyone in your business can attend and access:

Every event attended, whether in person or digitally, expands your network and connects you with other professionals from a diverse range of industries and sectors.

By choosing us, you become part of a well-known and trusted membership organisation. We bring Fife businesses together to collaborate, share knowledge and trade. As a welcoming chamber, we also have members who join us from other areas and regions of Scotland and the UK but operate in Fife.

This only helps widens our network and increases opportunities for everyone who joins us as a member.

Informing Business

By joining Fife Chamber of Commerce, you’ll be supported by a talented team of people. Our team will provide you with a whole range of helpful resources, including:

  • Local business news
  • Hot topics
  • Economic, domestic and international trade and export insights
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Offers from fellow members
  • Good news stories
  • Case studies
  • Post your latest vacancies to our job board

These are Just a few of the ways in which your chamber informs you through membership with us.

Representing Business

We campaign for investment in infrastructure, transport and skills, and promote the valuable work undertaken by Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), Career Ready and the armed forces.

We will do everything in our power to support our members’ journeys to success. To find out more about our Fife business services and how we can help connect you to other businesses in Fife, Scotland and across the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today, email [email protected] to start the conversation.

Check out our sponsorship opportunities

Whether you’re looking to raise the profile of your business, boost sales by creating awareness, or improve visibility to encourage collaboration, Fife Chamber of Commerce is proud to present exciting sponsorship opportunities for your business.

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