Redefining Business Networking Events, Celebrating Business Success and Helping You to Navigate the Tricky Waters of International Trade

At Fife Chamber of Commerce, we deliver a programme of events that give you the opportunity to create new connections with like minded businesses, to share ideas and establish a foundation for growth and further development in a supportive community environment.

Our International trade training and events introduces you to commodity codes, export documentation, rules of origin and more.

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Strengthen Business Connections

We believe that it's not just what you get out of our business networking sessions, but what you bring to them.

We create a mutually beneficial environment where you can forge and develop business relationships. You'll help one another towards your goals, sharing practical and useful advice and sowing the seeds for future business opportunities.

Whether you're a large or small business, every organisation will benefit from widening its network of business professionals in the area.

At our networking events, we'll assist you not only in facilitating these relationships, but maintaining and developing them. You'll feel the benefit of our professional support, while also being given the space to meet people on your own terms in a socially relaxed environment.

Get Inspired

Fife Chamber of Commerce is one of Fife's most reputable business member organisations. As such, we attract the most exciting and innovative business talent in the local Fife area and from beyond.

You'll socialise with the most prestigious business leaders, soaking up expert knowledge and finding new and exciting ways to make that personal connection.

After a networking event, we want our members to leave feeling refreshed and inspired, with fresh perspectives and new ideas. Ongoing support from our team will help you to continually make the most of these new relationships and facilitate any connections you wish to pursue further.

Get Energised

Our business networking events provide a platform for you and your team to share what you do, what you offer and what you value. Not only this, you and your team will develop your networking skills and confidence in a relaxed networking environment.

Raise the profile of your brand, create new productive partnerships and leave energised.

Regularly attending our networking events allows members and other guests to recognise your face and invest in the success of your business. You'll become an active part of a community that supports your growth.

By attending a Fife Social networking event, you send a clear message to the rest of the business world; that you are committed to growing, learning and adhering to best practices in developing your organisation.

You’ll not want to miss the next one!

We Lead

Our business networking events are a hub for exchanging important information about the latest industry developments.

Whether an in-person or online event, our sessions have become a safe place to discuss current social, political and economic issues that are affecting business owners today.


- but offering priceless benefits.


- venues across Fife.


- no presentations or pitches.


- ability to build rapport with many businesses.


- choose when you arrive and leave.


- to everyone in your organisation, even non-members!

Our Fife Social events cater to both large and small businesses and are designed to mutually benefit all who attend.

Please contact us or check our website for our upcoming events, and don't hesitate to get in touch with our business events team with any questions.

Inspiring Business

Keep up to date with the best and most current business practices with our Fife Learn programme, curated and run by our fantastic business events team.

Every member of our organisation gains automatic access to every business event, conference, masterclass and workshop we run. You'll learn from the most exciting talent in the industry in person or online and come away with insights that can help you in the day to day operation of your business.

By signing up for a membership with Fife Chamber of Commerce and attending our events, you're showing your investment in developing yourself, your people and boosting your business in a practical and demonstrable way.

What is Fife Learn?

Fife Learn is our programme of events designed to develop our membership through skill-building, networking, workshops and more. The programme focuses on the significant issues that businesses are addressing every day while allowing companies to share their expertise and learn from each other to develop new business strategies.

Topics include: Managing Change, Customer Service, Developing People and much more.

Each programme combines inspirational masterclasses presented by experts in their field, practical workshops delivered collaboratively by Fife Chamber’s members and peer-to-peer knowledge share events.

Why Attend Fife Learn Events?

The success of every business often hinges on the foundation of knowledge. No matter how much experience you have, we believe there is always something new to learn every step of the way.

Keeping an open mind and learning from others across industries is vital to growing your business and broadening your horizons. Fife Learn brings experience and knowledge from across business sectors helping you to stay informed about business developments.

Fife Chamber of Commerce presents a programme of events that gives you the practical tools to better your business. By keeping you informed, you can make educated and intelligent choices while running your business, creating the optimum environment to develop, grow and succeed.

Our events programme reflects the current issues that business owners face, whether it be climate change, COVID-19 or the changing customer service landscape. Our team always endeavour to deliver the most helpful and relevant events programme possible that mirrors the time we're living in and provides helpful and practical solutions and support.

We welcome contributions from research institutes, experienced professionals and business leaders. If you're interested in running an event on our programme, get in touch.

Regular attendance at masterclasses, lunches, events or workshops will support individual learning and development and count towards CPD.

Grow Your Business Internationally

At Fife Chamber of Commerce, one of our primary aims is to expand Scottish business not just within the UK, but internationally. We provide the tools for your organisation to enter into new and existing overseas markets, reaching your highest potential and encouraging business growth worldwide. For our members, we are the doorway between Fife and the rest of the world.

With Brexit now well and truly a reality, it’s even more crucial for UK businesses to expand their strategies and push themselves into new territories that present opportunities overseas. It’s an ideal moment for you and your business to take its place on the international stage.

At Fife Chamber of Commerce, we provide the foundation of support your business needs to explore further options and thrive abroad. Working directly with the UK government department for International Trade and alongside the British Chamber of Commerce, we provide a range of financial services and support for exporters, acting as a point of contact between our members and the government. This direct communication will allow your voice to be heard, and in turn improve government services for Scottish businesses.

We offer bespoke advice to organisations with ambitions of expanding into international trade, and offer our partnership to those businesses exporting overseas.

Providing Support Every Step of the Way

Expanding into new markets can be daunting, no matter the size of your business. Learning a new market can be like learning a new language, with new rules and regulations to familiarise yourself with.

Whether a member or not, Fife Chamber of Commerce gives you access to an unrivalled number of specialist international trade support services that will help you on your export journey. We provide a variety of services to our members, including:

  • Export training and documentation
  • Specialist events
  • Fife international events
  • Case studies
  • Bespoke advice from dedicated trade advisers

Are You Ready to Export?

As with all important business decisions, it’s crucial that you take the time to evaluate whether your business is ready to take the steps to trade overseas. Membership entitles you to the resources and tools to properly prepare and plan your next steps.

Supporting Communication

As a reputable chamber of commerce, making connections is what we do best. Working with our partners will help support you through international trade, giving you the tools to navigate obstacles such as language barriers and cultural differences between countries and businesses.

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