Fife Chamber Calls for Clarity on International Trade after Leave Vote

24th June 2016

Responding to the decision by the British public to leave the European Union, Alan Mitchell, Chief Executive of Fife Chamber of Commerce, has called for clarity regarding the next steps and the potential implications for Scottish businesses.

Alan Mitchell said:

“The UK has voted to leave the European Union and embark on a different journey in terms of our relationship with Europe and the wider world. The priority now for Fife’s and Scotland’s businesses is to understand what this will mean for them in practical terms.

“The UK Government must clearly explain the process of disengagement from the EU, and the timetable for this. The EU is a leading international market, worth over £11 billion in terms of exports of goods and services.

“An early priority must be for the UK Government to explain what they will aim to secure with regard to our future trading arrangements with the EU and other international markets. This will be critical for both importers and exporters.

“Understandably, this break from a union which the UK has been a part of for over 40 years will provoke uncertainty and our Governments must ensure a clear and transparent process to ensure the business community is kept as informed as possible.”

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