5 Top Tips to Save Money on Your Telecoms

22nd September 2022

Inflation is pushing everything from energy to coffee up in value. This is having a huge impact on businesses as margins get squeezed.

As a telecoms specialist, Wellwood Communications thought they would give you some tips on how to reduce your telecoms spend.

1. Increase productivity with Fibre

A full fibre connection will ensure that no matter how many cloud services you use, or number of staff you have, everyone can enjoy a high-speed connection that keeps them productive.

2. Evaluate Your Lines

You could save a considerable amount of money by consolidating the number of lines you rent from your provider. If your business has downsized, restructured or moved to a hybrid arrangement, you may not need the number of lines or desk phones that you are paying for.

With many businesses working remotely, using laptops or phones for meetings, do you really need the separate line for the boardroom?

Are you still paying for unused fax lines?

Consider moving to SoGEA whereby you don’t pay any line rental.

3. Unify Your Communications

We have entered an era where work is no longer confined to a desk, phone or PC screen. With many people working remotely or in a hybrid arrangement, businesses need to find a way to allow their team the flexibility, whilst still being able to deliver professionally.

Unified Communications helps people across your business be more productive and efficient regardless of their location or chosen device, using smartphone, tablet or PC applications.

• Staff can take calls anywhere.

• Never miss a call

• Less upfront costs and east to scale up or down

• Indepth reporting and analytics.

4. Minimise Mobile Data Costs

If you supply your staff with mobile phones, you can consider saving a chunk of money by implementing shared mobile data. This allows the data allowance from one device to be shared with a pool of devices.

5. Consider switching to VoIP

Switching to VoIP is the future as ISDN-based services are aiming to be stopped by 2025, so in order to save money now, make the switch. VoIP will benefit by lowering call costs and allows you to freely change the number of lines required which is good for growing businesses, as well as if you are downsizing.

If it has been some time since you reviewed your telecom costs, Wellwood Communications can help. They will carry out a review and advise if you are paying more than you need, especially if you have had dramatic changes in staffing numbers.

Give Wellwood Communications a call on 0333 5777300 for free advice surrounding the facts and solutions available for your business.

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