Aberlour Children's Charity - Emergency Appeal

23rd March 2020

Thousands of children and their families will experience significant levels of poverty as a result of the Coronavirus. Whilst the situation is changing daily at present, the full-scale of the impact of Covid-19 is yet to be fully quantified.

What is certain however is that families already at breaking point will struggle to put food on their tables, ensure they can heat and light their homes and meet their essential needs.

As families stay in behind closed doors, we are sadly also anticipating an increase in domestic abuse.

Aberlour is calling on our supporters and members of the public to give what they can to our Urgent Assistance Fund so that children and families most in need during these unprecedented times can be assisted. That could include donating some of the money saved as a result of working at home, such as the cost of a takeaway coffee or the price of a bus fare.

The Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund makes cash payments to those most in need to help them with urgent and emergency needs. We expect significant demand for money to pay for food, household essentials, toiletries, power cards and emergency clothing where a parent must flee domestic violence.

Thank you for helping children, young people and families in crisis at this difficult time.

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