Amazon opens its doors to Fife business community

31st October 2017

Amazon welcomed Fife business leaders behind the scenes at its 1.5 million square feet Dunfermline Fulfilment Centre on Tuesday as the global giant looks to further integrate into the business community.

Fife Chamber of Commerce members were given exclusive access to see and experience the distribution facility’s operations as the company prepares for the peak Christmas period.

Amazon joined Fife Chamber as a Premier Partner in April 2017, with keen ambitions to contribute to the established Chamber member network and to develop strong ties to the Fife business community. This is the first visit organised with, and for, the local business community and it is part of its extensive community engagement programme.

Amazon Dunfermline General Manager Paul Ashraf, said:

“Amazon is very proud to be part of the business community of Fife. We were delighted that so many members of the Chamber took part in the visit. Fife Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in bringing local businesses together. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with the Chamber and its members and the opportunities this brings.”

Fife Chamber Chief Executive, Alan Mitchell said: “Members of the public already have the opportunity to visit the site, and these visits will resume again next February, but this was the first opportunity for local businesses to see behind the scenes and they took advantage in large numbers.

He added “We were really pleased when Amazon became a Premier Partner in April and we are even more delighted that they are embracing their membership to the full and engaging so actively. Even before this visit, Amazon staff were attending other Chamber events and meeting the other members, demonstrating that every business, irrespective of its size, can enjoy the benefits of connecting with other companies through Fife Chamber.”

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