ATS bring Titan - The EnergyScreed Truck to Scotland!

1st December 2022

Fife Chamber member ATS, based in Rosyth is a total floor solutions provider. They do it all - from underfloor heating, energy saving, innovative liquid insulation, to high quality screed toppings and high shine resin finishes!

ATS's newly launched brand EnergyScreed utilises patent-pending technology to provide a single-source, low-carbon solution for domestic, commercial and industrial flooring applications.

Screed topping can meet the tightest tolerances or performance requirements thanks to traditional and self-levelling systems.

Their team has 50 years of experience in the flooring sector, and they partner with experts in all relevant disciplines (UFH, screed, resin, insulation).

So you can feel assured that your floors are in the safest hands.

Titan - the EnergyScreed Truck - "We Love to Pump"

The really exciting news is the arrival of Titan, the EnergyScreed truck, adorned on the truck is the company's fun slogan "We Love to Pump" - well it is what they do after all!

Titan can hold up to 66 tonnes and is effectively a mixing plant on wheels, custom-built to accommodate a humidity sensor that calculates how much water the sand is holding.

It cost ATS over £500,000 to purchase, but as the only one in Scotland, it is a sound investment!

Thanks to the partnership with underfloor heating specialists Giacomini UK Ltd, it will help deliver an energy-efficient floor zone solution, reducing time, risk, waste and carbon.

Their DB manifold is also 25% energy-saving. Crucially it can meet The Passivhaus Standard - an international energy performance standard. And can be designed to meet KPA, U and R values.

The core focus of Passivhaus is to dramatically reduce the requirement for space heating and cooling whilst also creating excellent indoor comfort levels.

Titan allows ATS to do thermal lightweight aggregate (TLA) and the screed out of one truck – with guaranteed quality – so the whole process is completely streamlined, which is a huge step forward.

Science-based carbon, time, and energy savings are part of the Fife based company's commitment to green building and meeting updated building regulations under the Future Homes Standard 2025.

The product is quality controlled with live batching information for mixes and uses only approved sands and cement.

Using Titan reduces logistical delays and traffic from the road compared to traditional systems, making it ideal for busy city centres and working in rural areas.

Flowing screeds heat up far quicker and need less screed thickness.

Testing and quality control are live and in batches of 75/150 and 300kg (normal truck delivered screed is 15,400kg).

The benefits of using EnergyScreed

Innovative - EnergyScreed utilises patent-pending Thermal Lightweight Aggregate (TLA) to provide a single-source solution for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Savings - EnergyScreed can save time, energy, space and money and is the perfect low-carbon solution for modern construction.

Fast - EnergyScreed is the fastest current solution which can significantly speed up installation times and reduces wastage to almost zero.

Get in touch with ATS today to find out more about their innovative flooring solutions.

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