Back to College for Amazon Dunfermline to Celebrate Learning at Work Week

14th May 2018

Amazon in Dunfermline is marking National Learning at Work Week (14– 20 May) by encouraging employees to develop their career by funding nationally-recognised training courses.

The innovative Amazon Career Choice programme was established to encourage employees to pursue qualifications and training in high-demand fields such as engineering, IT, computer science, mechanical and electrical trades, healthcare, construction, transportation, logistics, accounting and more, even if that means a career outside of Amazon. Amazon offers to pre-pay 95% of tuition and associated fees for nationally-recognized courses, up to £8,000 over four years.

Martin Simpkins from Amazon in Dunfermline is one of hundreds of Amazon employees across the country taking part in the Career Choice programme and is now urging others to participate in the rewarding experience.

Martin has worked at Amazon since May 2016 and is pursuing IT courses through Career Choice. Speaking on the programme, Martin said:

Amazon is a wonderful company for offering this to its team, and I am very grateful for the support. I have a solid knowledge base in IT, but I wanted to take additional training so that I could excel in my role.

“I am lucky to have my colleagues behind me and the incredible knowledge base from my team to nurture me along my studies. The end results of my course could be astronomical for my career, and I hope to be able to use my new training and IT expertise in a permanent position in IT at Amazon.”

Graham Allison, Site Lead at Amazon Dunfermline, said:

“The Career Choice programme at Amazon is a fantastic initiative that encourages employees to answer their career calling. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to expand their skill set and go after their dream career, whether that means at Amazon or elsewhere. We look forward to celebrating several graduations at Amazon in Dunfermline and expect great things from Martin and all of our team studying through Career Choice.”

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