Businesses are Taking Back Control with Smart Meters

23rd November 2020

National restrictions continue to significantly affect businesses across the country, and there is an enormous pressure on their financial situation.

It’s extremely challenging to budget month to month; something which is especially true for smaller businesses, who may already be operating with limited cash flow.

So, it is crucial for businesses to keep control of their outgoings to survive in this tough climate. A proactive way of taking back control of energy bills is by installing a smart meter, to show exactly how much energy is being used in real time.

Smart meters also allow businesses to be billed for the exact energy they use. Unless very regular meter updates are provided, bills generated without the input of smart meters are estimated, based on the usage from a previous period. If businesses have temporarily closed, they could be paying for energy they haven’t used, potentially making a dent in their cash flow.

A smart meter is a positive step in taking control of business outgoings and if your firm has 10 employees or less, your business could be eligible.

To see whether smart metering can work for your business, contact your energy supplier. It could be one of the best calls you make this week.

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