Campion Homes supporting the next generation

30th April 2020
Campion Homes is a Fife-based, family-owned new homes developer. The company is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, having opened in 1989, and has a team of over 120 directly employed staff and a strong sub-contract network. The team was recently awarded Investors in Young People standard accreditation.
Having already secured Investors in People Bronze accreditation status, Campion Homes wanted to ensure they were supporting the next generation of workers within the construction and property industries. They requested an independent review of their youth engagement activities.

Donna Park, HR Manager at Campion Homes puts it best when she says: “We want to serve our young people in the best way possible.” For Campion Homes, that meant gaining a clearer understanding of how they currently support the young people in their team, and what they could do to enhance that support.

Although making good headway in many areas, Remarkable was able to work with Campion Homes to identify key areas that could be improved in order to meet their goal. Communication was a core focus.

“What we found when we worked with Remarkable was that our younger employees’ perception of our company wasn’t necessarily the same as longer serving employees”, Donna explains.

“We have a diverse range of employees of different ages, some of whom have worked with us for over 20 years. Things that our more experienced employees have a strong understanding of – such as our core values and history - weren’t immediately apparent for young employees.

“Added to that, we have a number of different young employee groups – apprentices, administrators, construction workers, chartered professions such as Accountancy, HR and Quantity Surveying – working across our offices and construction sites, so engaging them all effectively can be a challenge.”

Working with the Campion Homes team, Remarkable set out a number of recommendations to enhance communication with their young employees.

“Remarkable recommended that our core values were formalised and written down in a way that would be accessible to everyone, including young people joining the team. Next, they suggested starting a dialogue that everyone could contribute to by arranging employee meetings where representatives of each employee group could discuss their opinions – what they liked about the businesses, and what they would like to change.

The new homes developer has begun to put these changes into effect and have been awarded Investors in Young People Standard accreditation. Donna notes, “We are already seeing our young people engaging in the new process and are starting to share more about their experiences and how they can be best supported. They are definitely more empowered within their roles.”

Thanks to their success, Campion Homes plans to continue these new changes and take them further, “Our focus now is getting these changes implemented and continuing to improve over time, so that we can make our staff experience as positive as it can be. Thanks to Remarkable for providing the tools to success.”

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