Chambers join forces to support military personnel

21st November 2018

Fife Chamber of Commerce is supporting the launch of a ground-breaking new initiative – ChamberFORCE – to strengthen links between employers and the armed forces.

Launched today (Wednesday 21st November), the initiative seeks to encourage businesses to adopt HR and recruitment polices more supportive of serving and ex-service military staff.

Fife Chamber is joined by a pilot group of Scottish chambers, each working closely with a Ministry of Defence (MOD) representative in their area to create a more joined-up and streamlined approach to engaging military personnel with the world of business.

Fife Chamber Chief Executive Alan Mitchell said: “Fife Chamber is proud to recognise the vital work that the armed forces do on our behalf, but we also want to promote the tangible benefits that serving and ex-military staff can bring to businesses.

“Reservists and ex-military personal have much to offer employers due to their intensive training and unique perspectives following their service experiences.

“By linking servicemen and women with Fife employers – including Fife Chamber itself – through the ChamberFORCE project, we strengthen the ties between the two worlds of the military and business and bring tangible benefits to both.”

“A key objective is to encourage employers to adopt business practices tailored to encouraging recruitment and getting the most from their personnel. This will open Fife businesses to a hugely talented workforce.

“We look forward to working closely with the MOD to recognise the potential this initiative can achieve.”

Michelle McKearnon, Regional Employer Engagement Director for Highland Reserve Forces & Cadets Association (HRFCA), and a former chamber of commerce chief executive, said: “There was already a very strong relationship between chambers and the military, but we wanted to streamline it and make it more productive for all involved.

“It is important that the defence establishment recognises the vital role chambers play in the business community, and that we give something back to all the employers who support our people.

“ChamberFORCE harnesses the power of the chamber network and the resources available to businesses from the military, so it is a win-win situation.”

Fife Chamber’s support for the armed services is long-standing, including commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant and the Bronze Award under the MOD’s Employer Recognition Scheme.”

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