Company name change for McDonald Engineers Ltd

17th September 2018

Effective From 1st October 2018 our company name will change as follows:-

From McDonald Engineers (UK) Ltd.

To McDonald Water Storage Ltd

Trading Name McDonald Water Storage

This is purely a name change and our company registration number SCO23339 remains the same.

By having our company name and therefore website as McDonald Water Storage, it not only keeps the heritage of the name McDonald, but also far more accurately describes what we do.

Other than the company name, all other details, address and structure of the company, as well as current contracts and other agreements remain unchanged.

Please update your records accordingly and to address all future business correspondence to our new company name.

Please note that all invoices issued from 1st October should be to the new company name and emailed to [email protected]. This address will not be live until the 1st October.

However if your system dictates, we can accept any invoices made out to McDonald Water Storage from receipt of this letter, but until 1st October emailed to [email protected]

If you have any further questions regarding the change of our name, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or telephone: 01592 611123.

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