Concept Garden On-demand Webinar Training Courses

2nd April 2021

As a result of a year-long collaboration between Dr Billy Grierson and Cranston Engineering Ltd we are pleased to announce the release of The Concept Garden Series of online webinars which cover a wide range of structured problem-solving techniques that can be applied in any industry and organisation

These webinars are based on a framework for creative problem-solving that has been developed over a period of 20 years. Participants in the webinars are introduced to the Concept Garden Framework, some important concepts, and thinking tools and techniques that help to ensure that effective solutions are brought to the stage of implementation.

Billy has been a member of Fife Chamber for almost 4 years, and has greatly valued the support and encouragement he has received, from the Chamber itself and from fellow members. As a thank you to the Chamber and its members, he has agreed with Cranston Engineering that we will offer 20 courses at 50% discount to Fife Chamber members. If you are interested can register for a Concept Garden training course at and use the discount code CONCEPTGFCC50

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