Condies appoint new Tax Director: Brona MacDougall

15th May 2023

Condies - Accountants and Advisors is pleased to announce the appointment of Brona MacDougall as Tax Director for Personal Tax Planning and Advisory, Inheritance Tax Planning, and Trust and Estate Advisory.

Brona brings a unique perspective to the role, having initially trained and worked as a doctor before transitioning into the accounting and tax industry. She trained as an accountant in Oban, Scotland, and later became a Tax Partner with the firm JRW in the Scottish Borders. During her time at JRW, Brona developed a strong reputation for her ability to rationalize trust structures, decrease tax liabilities, and simplify administration, particularly for legal firms.

Brona's expertise in inheritance tax planning and advisory is evident through her authorship of the book 'Inheritance Tax in Scotland,' which was published by Bloomsbury. She has helped many personal clients mitigate their inheritance tax exposure by carefully reviewing their assets, needs, and intentions.

Brona also enjoys advising businesses on restructuring and succession planning, as well as providing international tax advice to individuals seeking to optimize their tax position before acquiring UK residence or domicile status.

In her new role at Condies, Brona hopes to provide clients with holistic and whole-of-life tax planning advice while working in collaboration with local legal firms to expand the company's client base and become a valuable resource for Trust and Estate advisory and compliance services.

"I am excited to join Condies and bring my expertise to the table. I believe that tax planning should be a holistic process, taking into account all aspects of a client's life and business. I look forward to working with the team to provide innovative solutions and excellent service to our clients." said Brona MacDougall, Tax Director at Condies.

"We are thrilled to have Brona join our team as Tax Director," said Pauline Hogg, Managing Director at Condies. "Her unique background and expertise in tax planning and advisory will be a valuable asset to our clients, and we look forward to working with her to provide the best possible service."

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