Could you host a student from the University of St Andrews as part of their internship programme?

14th March 2022

The St Andrews Internship programme offers students unique opportunities designed to challenge and develop them in a supportive environment through various employability programmes. We have numerous opportunities to team up with local employers who can provide our students with useful experiences enabling them to develop and apply key skills. In turn the local business will gain hugely from the fresh perspectives from our diverse and talented students.

We are currently looking to partner with local employers through our latest programme, Your Future, Start Now, which provides a weeklong internship opportunity at no cost to the business. Your Future, Start Now has recently launched this new programme for 1st and 2nd years. It is a unique, supportive training and development programme delivered in conjunction with employers and alum, focusing on the important soft-skills and knowledge required to kick start our students employability journey.

The programme culminates in a 1-week internship, giving students the opportunity to put their new skills and knowledge into practice whilst giving back to a local business in and around St Andrews. The 50 places available went within the first hour of the programme going live indicating there is real demand for students to gain internship experiences locally in a supportive and developmental environment.

What we require from the host?

We would like the host to be a part of the recruitment process to help select the students. It may be a certain project, or everyday activities for the intern to get involved with during their time with you.

An induction followed by agreeing the outcomes for the week, some time to guide or check in with the intern, and then a conclusion which allows the intern to gain some useful feedback, are the main responsibilities we require from the host organisation.

When is it?

The date for the Your Future, Start Now internship is from Monday 16 May to Friday 20 May 2022. Although we can be flexible with the dates.

Benefits to the students?

Our research shows that confidence is low amongst the student group when it comes to applying for an internship. This programme begins by providing an opportunity for the students to learn new skills, which employers are saying graduates entering the workplace need, the students are then supported through the application process and the internship placement allows them to put these skills into practice. Through this, they will gain real life work experiences, whilst giving back to a local employer and receiving some useful feedback at the end of the placement.

Benefits to the business?

There are numerous! We believe both the host and the student will mutually benefit from the business relationship. We have a hugely talented and diverse cohort of students, who would provide unique insights and skills to lead projects and tasks which may otherwise not get completed. It is always great to see local businesses support the development of our students as we look to foster strong relationships across all sectors in the area.

At the conclusion of the programme, we will communicate with colleagues across the University the key outcomes of this new programme and look to celebrate those who have helped to provide these important opportunities for our students. Who knows, this internship could be the start of future meaningful collaborations.

What will it cost?

The student will be paid for the internship and the cost of this will be covered by the Careers Centre.

What to do next?

Please contact Heather Gaunt, Employability and Experiences Manager on [email protected] if you are keen to host a student through the Your Future, Start Now programme or another internship opportunity.

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