Covid-19 quarantine rules come into effect across the UK amid torrent of criticism

9th June 2020

A 14-day quarantine for all international arrivals into the UK has come into force. It applies to anyone entering or returning to the UK by air, ferry or train. The adoption of a blanket quarantine policy has attracted criticism from many, with fears that it will undermine UK connectivity, slow international trade and make it significantly harder for airlines, airports and tourism businesses to recover from Covid-19.

The timing of its introduction has also been questioned because Covid-19 infection rates are dropping in the UK and are even lower in many of the countries that travelers will be arriving from. The scheme is also being criticised for being too complex because of the number of exemptions and also very hard to enforce. The British Chambers of Commerce is urging the Government to replace it with a system of ‘Air Bridges’ swiftly for the sake of the many industries and livelihoods that depend on the UK’s connectivity across the world.

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