Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) explained

18th February 2022

With a significant rise in the number of corporate insolvencies in Scotland during the last quarter of 2021, Dunedin Advisory’s Christine Convy (specialist Restructuring and Insolvency Practitioner) discusses an option companies should consider.

‘With the ending of government Covid support measures and government backed loan schemes now having to be repaid, it’s no surprise that company directors are taking a hard look at their companies' short and medium-term financial viability.’

If a business has exhausted all options available to it and is financially beyond the point of rescue, a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) should be considered by Directors and shareholders. A CVL is a voluntary way of placing an insolvent company into liquidation. Legally this requires the services of a qualified Insolvency Practitioner who will work in conjunction with company Directors giving them, their employees, creditors and shareholders an orderly exit from the business.

Christine continues ‘No one goes into business thinking it will fail but now sadly some have to face the harsh reality of managing the expectations of all interested parties.’

Directors would be well advised to seek advice at the earliest possible stage, giving time to consider the options available and time to make an informed decision.

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