Edinburgh Airport Community Fund to return

14th February 2022

£100,000 for local communities

Edinburgh Airport will make £100,000 available for local community groups and charities as it reintroduces its Community Fund.

The funding will be available throughout 2022 and ensures local communities benefit from the airport’s activities and hoped recovery.

Applications will be considered from groups across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife and Falkirk that are impacted by our operations, with a cap of £7000 on applications.

Priority will be given to those applications relating most to the pillars of the airport’s Greater Good sustainability strategy - Zero Carbon, Enhancing Scotland, Scotland’s Best Business and Trusted Neighbour. Initiatives could include things such as:

  • the mitigation against and reduction of the effects of a changing climate
  • the reduction of local environmental impacts
  • the enhancement of local business, community groups and long-term sustainable partnerships in the airport’s surrounding area
  • improving healthy working lives and increase upskilling and employment opportunities for socially and economically deprived and disadvantaged persons
  • improving care, opportunity, provide shelter and enable rehabilitation of vulnerable groups in the community.

Gordon Robertson, Director of Communications and Sustainability at Edinburgh Airport said:

“The airport has largely been dormant for the best part of two years and as we embark on our recovery, we want the re-introduction of the Community Fund to be one of our key steps. We want to be a trusted neighbour and help groups making positive differences in their own communities.

“One of our main objectives as an airport is to ensure we offer meaningful support to local groups impacted by our operations and share the benefits that the airport brings to Scotland and our surrounding areas.”

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP is chair of the Community Fund and added:

“Many local groups, charities and organisations have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to make immediate and long-lasting differences to their communities and it is only right that businesses serving those areas make a contribution where and when they can.

“Edinburgh Airport will play an important part in Scotland’s recovery and it is positive to see them planning to do so in a way that is sustainable and inclusive. I encourage groups in the available areas to apply for funding and ensure they receive help and support to allow them to continue the fantastic work they do.”


More on the Community Fund and the application criteria.

Edinburgh Airport’s Greater Good sustainability strategy was published in June 2021 and follows four key pillars to deliver a sustainable future for the airport.

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