FareShare turns an environmental problem into a social good!

28th March 2022

Their vision is that no good food should go to waste. By working with communities across the length and breadth of Scotland, they can support suppliers to make best possible use of surplus food, which would have otherwise been wasted. The Surplus with Purpose programme helps by making it easier for businesses to get their surplus to those who need it most at no extra cost.

How could you work together?

FareShare Scotland’s Surplus with Purpose project makes diverting surplus food easier than you think and can provide you with funds to support you with the costs associated with this. Your business could qualify for funding to support you with costs associated with this: from harvesting and packaging to delivery - making it cost-neutral for your business. You’ll also be reducing your waste, carbon emissions and supporting communities across Scotland.

If you are interested in the programme, you can visit their website: www.fareshare.org.uk/giving-food or get in touch with FareShare Scotland's Food Sourcing Officer, [email protected]

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