Fife boost as Dunfermline wins City status

24th May 2022

Congratulations to Dunfermline as it becomes Scotland's eight city, after being awarded City status as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Commenting on the news, Alan Mitchell, Chief Executive of Fife Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is not only cheering news for Dunfermline, it’s a big boost for all of Fife. Being a ‘City’ doesn’t transform a place by itself, but over time it can be a powerful catalyst for additional investment and tourism, especially when, as is the case with Dunfermline, and Fife more generally, it is a place that is already rich in culture and leisure assets and is steeped in history and has a dynamic, modern economy. It will be a proud day for everyone when potential tourist visitors or business investors can type ‘cities in Scotland’ on their internet search and find Dunfermline on the list.”

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