Fife-born innovation brings clean water to the developing world

21st November 2017

Low carbon technology developed in Fife, Scotland will ensure safe drinking water for Pakistan’s population.

The collaboration project between Bridge Biotechnology and Adves Water has meant that the ESOL™ generator will ensure safe, drinking water is made available in Pakistan helping to tackle endemic rates of infant mortality.

“Most people, in the country, have only one water source. It may be a nearby river, pond, or rainwater from a catch basin or creek. Typically the water source is used by both humans and animals. People use it for bathing, washing, laundry, as well as for drinking and cooking” Hassan Foundation

The technology designed by Bridge Biotechnology has been approved by the Secretary of State for use in public water supplies.

The generator, which is the first of its kind in Europe, produces ESOL™ an electrolyzed water with the germ-killing properties of chlorine but which is safe to drink, kinder to the environment and less costly to produce.

Professor Sher Jamal Khan, of Islamabad's National University of Sciences and Technology, claimed the technology, which will be piloted on the university's campus in the Pakistani capital, could play a key part in the country meeting the UN's sustainable development goals to ensure clean water and sanitation for all.

Alasdair Allan, international development minister, added: "This cutting-edge technology is now being applied by Scottish companies to improve drinking water and sanitation and helping to build sustainable communities in Pakistan. It has the potential to benefit tens of thousands of people, building on the strong links between our two countries."

Tina Wright of Adves Water “We are hugely excited by this unique opportunity to share Scottish expertise with our partners in Pakistan”

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