Fife Chamber AGM indicates positive outlook for 2017-2018

30th May 2017

Fife Chamber’s 2017 AGM revealed a period of transformation at the organisation has led to an ongoing secure financial status, growth in membership and a positive outlook for 2017 – 2018.

A post-tax surplus of over £6000 in 2016 was down from 2015, but was expected as a consequence of staffing and operational changes. Investment in an additional member of staff and the appointment of a Chief Executive on a full-time rather than part-time basis, transition to a one-to-one account management model for engaging with members and organising events such as Fife Learn and Fife Social were contributing factors.

Membership levels began to increase as 2016 ended and that momentum and membership growth has been maintained in 2017.

At the AGM a number of changes were announced to the Board of Directors. The Board now has 15 members, with steps underway to secure a final Board member, giving the full complement of 16 members. The following Board members retired:

  • John Kilgour, Fife Group
  • Bill Main, Brown Scott & Main
  • Debbie Miller, Fife College
  • Steve Wexelstein, Planys Mobile
  • Pamela Caira

Four directors were re-appointed to the Board for a further three-year term:

  • Alistair Booth, The HR Booth
  • Michael Longstaffe, Smith Anderson Group
  • Bob Garmory, Purvis Group
  • Keith Winter, Fife Council

Four new appointments from a diverse range of sectors were also approved by the members:

  • Hugh Hall, Fife College
  • Stephen Owen, Rufflets Hotel
  • Craig Hunter, Haines Watts
  • Brian Horisk, Horisk Leslie Developments

Current President, Peter Southcott’s position was also ratified for a further 12-month term of office.

Members attending the AGM also heard a keynote speech from Bob Keiller, Chairman of Scottish Enterprise. Mr Keiller’s speech was very well received. Its core message was that business success is fundamentally about leadership and that the secret of successful leadership is being able to step back from the day-to-day management of the business and find the time and space to view it from a broader perspective.

His key points for the audience to take away were that: every business has the potential to grow; always believe in yourself; don’t be afraid to ask for support or help; be a real leader of your organisation – set the destination and do everything you can to take people with you.

Several attendees provided encouraging feedback after the event.

Steve Smith Shackleton Technologies said: I was very warmly welcomed to my first Fife Chamber event, meeting half a dozen new faces within the first few minutes of entering the building. Made many new contacts and saw some old friends, which made the day worthwhile alone. Add in the venue, catering and speakers and it was a wonderfully arranged AGM that was well worth the short journey. A credit to the entire Chamber team for pulling it off so effortlessly.

Janette King: Fishers Services added: "This was my first event attended and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having the tour of Broomhall House was an added bonus, it was spectacular. Thank you,"

Andrew Watson, Augmentum 360 Ltd commented: "The Chamber team clearly put a lot of effort into the event and it reflects your ambition and vision. Great venue, and speakers. More, please."

Clark Boles, CBO Associates concluded: "You keep raising the standards - keep up the sterling work!"

Fife Chamber of Commerce was also presented with the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award in recognition of its support for the UK’s armed forces. The Award was presented by Ron Macgregor from the Highland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association.

Fife Chamber works to contribute positively to the Fife economy by representing its members’ interests, engaging with businesses of all types, identifying and debating issues affecting the Fife economy and lobbying locally and nationally to help resolve business concerns.

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