Fife Chamber support for business brexit planning

31st July 2018

Information on the Brexit negotiations is at a premium and Fife Chamber through its affiliation with the British Chamber of Commerce continues to keep its members up to date when there is useful information available to pass on to them.

The BCC continues to lobby the Government to deliver the best possible Brexit outcome for its members and British business in general.

However Brexit uncertainty continues to cause many businesses concern. With no clear agreement in sight there is a distinct possibility that one will not be agreed until the last minute.

Businesses need to plan for a range of potential outcomes from the softest of Brexits to the UK crashing out of the EU with no agreement. Businesses need to ensure that they are ready to deal the many different scenarios they could face post Brexit.

To help with planning for your business there are a couple of useful tools to try. The BCC have a Brexit planning checklist on their website. It can help businesses to understand the challenges they are going to face and plan at an operational and board level for the future.

Another tool is provided by i2i Infinity who have created a Brexit toolkit. This is particularly helpful for companies who are also exporters. Again it can help ask the questions that are going to need answers in the rapidly closing window that is the Brexit negotiations.

If any members do use these tools I would be interested if they shared their experiences of the tools particularly if they helped deliver an implementable post Brexit plan

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