Fife Chamber welcomes BCC call to action from the new Prime Minister

10th November 2022

The British Chambers of Commerce has sent the new Prime Minister a Business Manifesto to get firms through the tough months ahead and then power the country’s economic recovery. It sets out 17 policies to address the challenges facing businesses across the economy, the labour market, international trade and Net Zero. Top of the list for urgent action are investment in infrastructure, energy support, tacking the tight labour market and promoting export-led growth.

Commenting on the Business Manifesto, Fife Chamber of Commerce, said: “The British Chambers of Commerce is the country’s biggest business organisation and the most internationally connected. Its data is authoritative, its analysis is thorough, and its proposals must be listened to and acted on by the UK Government. Its calls for action are equally pertinent for the Scottish Government in terms of its response to the current business crisis and the policy levers that it has at its disposal.”

Click here to view the Manifesto on the BCC website.

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