Fife Chamber welcomes the CEO of The Royal Military Tattoo, as keynote speaker at their Armed Forces Champions Lunch

4th August 2022

As the iconic Royal Military Tattoo commences, we are looking forward to welcoming the man who is responsible for presenting this amazing spectacle to millions across the world as the keynote speaker at our Armed Forces Champions Lunch - kindly sponsored by Babcock.

We’re pleased to bring you, Buster Howes, CB OBE MA BSc, appointed as Chief Executive of The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo in June 2019. Major General Howes, first joined the Board of Directors in September 2015, adding his miliary and diplomatic prowess to the diverse skill set of the board.

Before starting his role as CEO of The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo, Buster led a fascinating military career, being commanded at every rank from Lieutenant to General. Taking part in large operations worldwide, from Northern Ireland to Somalia. During his last appointment in uniform, he was the Head of the British Defence Staff in the embassy in Washington DC. A truly remarkable journey.

After leaving the military, his first job as a civilian was CEO of Here Be Dragons, a commercial and charitable venture dedicated to the sustainable and ecologically sensitive development of the Island of Principe in the Gulf of Guinea to the benefit of its population and environment.

Buster was previously Commanding General of the Royal Marines (2010-2012) during which time his responsibilities included leading and evolving the European Counter-Piracy Force. Prior to this, he occupied a variety of high-level positions including Head of Overseas Operations, and Director of UK Naval Staff both in the Ministry of Defence.

Today, Buster shares his astonishing accomplishments, as an experienced public speaker and consultant, delivering on diverse subjects to a wide range of audiences, from the academic and commercial to the NHS. Buster is also involved in several other charities as a trustee.

If you’re eager to find out more about his move into the private sector and how he’s using his skills and three decades of international experience to commercialise and internationalise The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo, then book your tickets now by clicking here.

Thank you to Babcock for kindly sponsoring our Armed Forces Champions Lunch.

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