Fife Company Develops a Self Writing Diary for 2017

5th January 2017

Finally, a New Year resolution that requires no effort. Keeping a diary can now be done by your phone rather than relying on you. Your phone can't learn a language or get fit for you but it can help you keep a diary that writes itself with this new app, Codi. 2017 could be your most memorable year yet.

Fife company Trisent is developing Codi, the self-writing diary which records all of your activities; where you went, how you got there and what you did there. Each day of your life is recorded in an easy to read and searchable diary format. You don't need to write anything as the diary is completely self-writing in plain English. You just carry your phone with you and it does the rest.

Trisent has developed the first version of CODI, with Glenrothes based development partner Planys Mobile, and is now looking for BETA testers to give feedback and help refine the product. If you would like to be amongst the first in the UK to try out the diary and also help shape how the app develops please register for the BETA test.

CEO of Trisent, Dr Gordon Povey said: "In future this app could be used in lots of other ways; in business, for instance, or in tourism, when people want to keep a log of their trip or holiday. So many of us feel that our lives are passing in a blur; a diary would help us record, remember and reclaim all those forgotten days."

"CODI is completely different from the very brief, very public reviews of the year which social media provides. It is a daily log which, in the best diary tradition, is private. It's very important to us that a user's data is their own private data. Of course, individual users are free to use their written diary in whatever way they wish."

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