Fife Gingerbread ‘Heat & Eat’ Annual Appeal 2021

7th December 2021

Click here to donate to our Appeal: 👉 Fife Gingerbread 'Heat & Eat' Annual Appeal 2021 - JustGiving

We are so delighted to share with you that our ‘Heat and Eat’ Annual Appeal has
now hit 76% of our £10,000 target - thank you so, so much to everyone that has contributed towards supporting families in Fife - we really are touched that so many people support the work we do and the families we support.

We’ve had raffles, inflatable 26ft tall Santa, community groups and businesses reaching out to us - a huge thank you to Vidaco, Home Sweet Home, Coastline Community Church, Fife Housing Group and many more for their support so far! We are looking forward to sharing their stories at the end of the year.

If you have been thinking of donating or just haven’t got round to it yet - you still have time. ALL donations go directly towards supporting families with heating and essentials over the Festive season and beyond.

Many of the families we work with face a difficult future without support - families such as:

A young single month to 4 month old baby who had to flee home due to domestic violence when baby was 1 month old.

Lone parent with 5 young children, very little family and no peer support networks to offer support in difficult times. Finances are very tight due to the benefits cap leaving the family short nearly every month, particularly when unexpected bills occur. They have benefited from the ‘Heat and Eat’ campaign on a couple of occasions and this has made a huge difference to the family.

Parent and her toddler are currently in the house more due to an abusive ex-partner making their lives difficult. They have been fearful leaving the house more and therefore spend more time at home to keep her and her daughter safe.

No one wants to be in the position where they are choosing to feed their child or keep their home heated over winter. You can donate here: 👉 Fife Gingerbread 'Heat & Eat' Annual Appeal 2021 - JustGiving

For more information, please get in touch with:
Linsey Proctor: 07718 767 967 | [email protected]

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