Fife Sports and Leisure Trust - Board Vacancies

5th January 2017

An opportunity currently exists for enthusiastic and suitably experienced individuals to join the Board of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust (FSLT).

FSLT is a not for profit organisation delivering sport, recreation and physical activity services and programmes to the communities of Fife. The Company has now been trading for nine years and is governed by a Board of Directors which provides strategic guidance and support to the Chief Executive and the Executive Management Team. Fife Council is the sole member of the Company and the makeup of the Board is 6 Partner Directors (Fife Council) and 7 Independent Directors (wider business community).

The Board is responsible for the overall supervision and control of the activities of FSLT and the strategic direction and priorities that it sets for the organisation. In addition, the Board is responsible for compliance with the legal and regulatory frameworks within which FSLT operates.

The challenge for a business like FSLT will always be achieving and maintaining a balance between providing services that are commercially viable with those that are socially worthwhile or need to be delivered. Our current strategies have influenced the way in which FSLT has developed in recent years, particularly in how we have grown the business, improved the customer experience and made a difference to the people of Fife.

The next years will be challenging for FSLT and it will be important that the organisation develops a number of strategies to deal with the increasingly challenging financial climate. A key focus will be on efficiency, business improvement, value for money and performance management, including rationalising and eliminating under-utilisation wherever possible and by taking a more commercial approach to achieving sources of new income.

We are keen to appoint individuals who have a strong background, knowledge and expertise within the commercial sector with excellent business acumen and financial oversight. Submissions of interest are also invited from individuals with relevant professional expertise and experience who feel they can make a positive contribution to FSLT’s mission “to make a difference by providing opportunities for people to become active”.

Submissions of interest should be made by contacting Ed Watson, Chief Executive Officer at [email protected] or by telephoning 03451 555 555 Ext 493367 by Monday 23rd January 2017.

Further information about Fife Sports and Leisure Trust can be viewed on the Company’s website

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