First Minister and Business Groups Launched New Partnership for Female Entrepreneurs

19th March 2019

The Future Female Business Leaders Programme has launched nationwide with some of the most recognisable and successful Scottish businesswomen leading the way to developing and growing women-led businesses and women in leadership positions.

This new partnership, supported by the First Minister, will specifically work to tackle the key challenges that face women when it comes to growing their business or advancing their professional careers. The programme will provide participants with an unparalleled network of experienced women in business who will mentor, guide and support the growth of women-led businesses and senior women in the corporate and public sector.

Future Female Business Leaders brings together two of Scotland’s most influential organisations; the programme will be led and delivered by Scottish Chambers of Commerce, in partnership with the Association of Scottish Businesswomen.

Commenting on the launch of the Future Female Business Leaders programme, Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Director & Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

‘’This is a perfect example of playing to the strengths and connectivity of both the public and private sector. It is an economic priority to ensure that we create an infrastructure which will unlock the outstanding opportunities which exist for females in the workplace enabling more of us to progress to the very top. It will also be a beacon for others to follow, and at the same time, increase the number of successful businesses run by women to grow and expand.

Mentoring will be integral to our focus, but it will be wider in terms of bringing together business leaders and other organisations who want to play a role in this development. We are also excited at bringing in an international dimension, identifying potential new connections and new orders”.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, said

“Helping more women to set up and succeed in business is both an economic and a moral imperative. By encouraging and supporting women to create and grow businesses, we can create greater equality which in turn builds a stronger and fairer economy.

The Scottish Chambers represent more than 11,000 companies across the country with a pool of over 1,000 mentors dispersed widely across Scotland. We have invested nearly £400,000 this year on projects to support female entrepreneurship, which includes the Chambers’ Future Female Business Leaders programme.

It is a scheme which will help some of the next generation of women business leaders as they start their careers. And it will also – if my experiences are anything to go by - provide enlightenment and inspiration for the mentors."

Lyndsey Greer-Phillips, President, Association of Scottish Businesswomen, said:

"Our approach is innovative and modern and is all about tapping into the talents and experience of successful women entrepreneurs and matching them with ambitious, driven and aspiring women in business. This partnership is all about collaboration, unlocking ideas and talents that add value to your business and to your life.

For many women in business, these talents and ideas can often be overlooked, holding them back and limiting their contributions to our economy. That's why this partnership is so appealing. It's led by women in business and is for women in business.’’

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