Foodmek produce Social Distancing Screens

9th April 2020

After speaking with some of their customers about how they’re dealing with the current situation, Foodmek realised one of the main issues in all industries is keeping a safe working distance between members of staff, particularly on production lines. With the Food & Drink & pharmaceutical industries being a vital part of the UKs infrastructure, even more so in current times, they decided they needed to come up with a solution to help.

Working together, whilst working remotely, through various conference calls and screen sharing they have developed these screens. One of their design engineers, Joel Gibson was tasked with designing the screen, whilst their Purchasing Manager, Steve Bruhn, sourced all the necessary components, ensuring to keep the costs & lead times to a minimum. The idea being that they are safe, easy to assemble, not expensive & quick to turnaround.

Made to the usual high standard of all Foodmek products, they hope that these will help businesses continue to operate whilst keeping their staff safe and ease the struggle of meeting new government social distancing guidelines.

Less than an hour after announcing these screens on their website, they have already had a number of enquiries from companies within Fife & beyond.

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