Get your website to rank well on Google!

26th May 2022

It can seem like an incomprehensible nightmare to get your website to rank well on Google. Is it witchcraft? Is it a con?

When a Fife Chamber member approached Inspire Digital with the above (mis)conception of how Google rankings work, we made it our mission to provide advice that we thought might be valuable for others.

Here are the key points we’ve shared in a previous Chamber newsletter a few weeks ago:

First things first, the way Google assesses their ranking is based on what they term EAT: Experience, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness. Simply put, Google’s business model is premised on returning content that satisfies a user’s need based on relevant phrases and the user’s location.

There are currently MORE THAN 50 places where Google CAN return a snippet of your content with varying degrees of difficulty attached to achieving each of them.

Here’s a quick overview of the three most achievable ways for any business owner to get Google to return your content:

  1. People Also Ask: This feature is pushed by Google in almost 50% of the cases and is a goldmine for ranking, without putting in excessive SEO work. Being essentially Google’s FAQ section, it pulls together various responses related to the original search query. So, it is worth researching common questions and producing relevant content based on them!
  2. Featured Snippet: Similar but even more straightforward than ‘People Also Ask’, this section provides users with a quick, straightforward answer to a query they type into their search engine. Importantly, this snippet is only a couple of lines long, so you should ensure to answer your questions quickly and entice people to read more.
  3. Local Pack & Maps: We’ve shared advice about Google Business profiles before but the key thing to remember is that it is all about raising your profile for people searching IN YOUR AREA. It increases trust in your business, improves validity, and allows you to share a business overview in one place that users will be very familiar with.

Ultimately, it is about knowing where to put the effort in to get the highest return on your investment. There’s no such thing as “free traffic”, improving visibility takes a lot of time and work (be it your own or a hired expert’s), but where there’s a will, there’s a way without any dark arts being at play.

If you have any web-related questions you’d like to ask Inspire, send them through the link below and Inspire will get back to you with a response asap.

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