Hear from seescape Assistive Technology Trainer

14th April 2020

We’re all learning to do our jobs differently and some roles convert more easily than others to remote working. We asked seescape's Assistive Technology Trainer, Stuart Beveridge, how he’s getting on working from home.

“As a totally- blind person, I was extremely anxious about working from home, to begin with, as most of my day-to-day job is concerned with interacting with clients face-to-face, demonstrating and assisting them with the many different forms of technology – both hardware and software – that are available to those with low or no vision. However, for the most part, I am actually carrying on as normal. This is mainly due to the fact that having no sight means that I completely rely on audio feedback, Voice Control or Braille when using technology on a personal basis and also when helping clients who need ongoing training and support in this area. So in short, I can still provide a very good one-to-one or group service via phone, email or even through webinars hosted on the meeting platform Zoom. While this is not ideal, I am still able to maintain a high standard of work providing a vital service to people in Fife who rely on assistive technology to stay independent in everyday life and communicate with family and friends. It is also working well keeping me in touch with the seescape team through our regular catch up sessions.”

Being at home doesn’t mean you have to be alone. The ‘ Support, Advice and Tech’ teams are open normal hours Mon -Fri 9-5 via 01592644979 or [email protected]

The Optician are open on Tuesday & Friday for telephone consultation and in the case of an emergency can try to organise an appointment.

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