Heathrow Logistics Hubs and Business Summits

30th November 2017

Heathrow Logistics Hubs – Longlist

Heathrow has officially announced the 65 longlisted sites in the running to be selected as one of four expansion Logistics Hubs; including 10 sites across Scotland.

As the first major infrastructure project to pioneer the large-scale use of Logistics Hubs, Heathrow is ensuring that the benefits of expansion will be felt in communities across the UK. Heathrow’s Logistics Hubs will pre-assemble components for expansion and then transport them into consolidated loads to the airport; helping deliver a third runway faster, more affordably and with less impact on our local community.

Heathrow Business Summit - Scotland

We are delighted to also announce today that the Heathrow Business Summit will return to Glasgow next year – to ensure that SMEs from across Scotland are at the heart of our expansion plans. Offering unique opportunities for SMEs to meet face-to-face, forge connections and win business with Heathrow’s major suppliers, our Business Summits have created partnerships resulting in over £90 million of new business.

The Logistics Hubs and Business Summits announcements today demonstrate Heathrow’s commitment ensure expansion delivers for all of the UK whilst revolutionising the way major infrastructure is built to create a legacy of construction excellence for future generations.

If you would like to find out more about the specific locations of the 65 longlisted Logistics Hubs bids and 10 Business Summits for 2018, click here.

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