Inside Track: Digital Transformation

17th February 2023

How to elevate your business through Digital Transformation

Using technology to change or streamline your internal and external processes can be a scary thought. It's likely you've had the same methods in place for many years. They probably feel familiar, both to you and your employees, however, familiar isn't always better.

That's exactly what we're going to explore in this week's edition: how to improve your processes and elevate your business through digital transformation.

I've explored the ideas of what digital transformation actually is, given some real-life examples of how we've implemented digital transformation at Inspire, and given some tips and advice to help you can also take action towards effective digital transformation.

So, sit back, take some notes and learn more about how to advance your marketing, workflow and processes through digital transformation.

Before giving advice on the topic, let us start with a definition of what digital transformation means in the world of business and online marketing.

Digital transformation refers to the process of using digital technologies to fundamentally change how your business operates.

Digital transformation revolves around the core ideas of delivering increased value to your customers, improving internal operations and workflow processes, and developing more effective marketing strategies.

This can involve a wide range of changes, from adopting new software tools and skilling employees in using that software to its full extent, to using data-driven results to enhance marketing efforts and creating entirely new business models based on digital technologies, such as AI.

The ultimate goal of digital transformation is to propel your business forward and avoid being left in the dust of competitors who are also experimenting with new technologies and ways of working.

The overall aims of digital transformation are to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.


How Inspire has implemented digital transformation

With technology developing at a rapid rate and so many new software, apps and systems being rolled out every week, one of the most difficult parts of digital transformation is choosing the correct systems that will work for you and your business.

Whilst purchasing the latest software or the shiniest new system can seem appealing, it's essential that you have a clear idea of how that system will move your business forward. Otherwise, you risk overspending on resources, confusing employees with too many systems and keeping your business stagnant.

Some examples of how we have implemented digital transformation at Inspire include:
Teamwork: We recently started working with a new project management system called Teamwork, which we have synced up with our time-tacking system to create an automated process that intelligently keeps track of the time our team spends on individual client projects. When you apply this to over 30 clients, it can save a lot of admin time and helps my employees have a clear overview of which accounts need worked on and which have been completed for the month.

You might have noticed this yourself, but Microsoft Teams now provides an option for transcripts in meetings, meaning you can have a full written record of everything that was said in a meeting without taking minutes or notes. This has been a real time-saver for us. Whereas before we used to have an employee join a meeting with the sole purpose of taking minutes, now we can use the transcripts option so if anything is missed or forgotten, there is a record of what was discussed.

GoCardless is another great system that has helped us save time, manpower and effort when it comes to processing payments. GoCardless offers a hassle free, automated way to collect one-off or recurring payments, meaning less need to chase clients for invoices, deal with payment processing and assist clients in making payments either online, over the phone or via a bank transfer.

Tips and advice on how to adapt to digital transformation

Now that you have an understanding of what digital transformation is and the different ways a company can implement digital transformation, the next step is to research and prepare your own business for adapting to new transformative technologies and methods.

Here are my personal tips for implementing digital transformation in your own business:

  • Develop a clear digital transformation road map: Start by creating a comprehensive plan that outlines the objectives, targets, resources, and timelines for your digital transformation efforts.
  • Invest in the right tools and technologies: Evaluate your existing systems and identify areas where digital tools and technologies can help streamline your business processes, improve productivity, and enhance your customer experience.
  • Foster a culture of innovation and agility: Encourage your team to embrace new technologies, experiment with new ideas and be open to change.
  • Engage and train your employees: Provide your team with the necessary training and resources to help them adapt to new technologies and workflows.
  • Emphasise data-driven decision-making: Leverage data analytics and insights to inform your business strategies and optimise your marketing efforts.
  • Focus on customer-centric experiences: Use digital technologies to personalise your interactions with customers, improve their overall experience, and build strong relationships with them.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends: Continuously monitor the latest trends and developments in your industry and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Remember, digital transformation is an ongoing process, and it requires a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

By following these tips and staying flexible and adaptive, you can successfully implement digital transformation strategies and drive growth for your business, propelling you forward and ensuring you're not left in the wake of your competitors.


If you want any specific advice about anything digital, I'm here to help. Give me a call on 01738 700 006 or drop me a line and I’ll get right back to you.

Best regards,

David Dwyer
Director - Inspire Digital

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