Insure Smart – More Than An Insurance Broker

7th October 2019

Having been founded in 2004, Insure Smart has established itself as a trusted Insurance Brokers with a client retention rate of over 90%. This is because we recognise that every client is an individual who all have their own demands and needs which must be tended to. Nothing seems to irritate a customer more than an insurance premium that just goes up year after year despite there being no changes to the policy. For this reason, we re-market every insurance policy to ensure that we offer the very best terms available.

Although we primarily deal with all classes of commercial insurance from simple Public Liability to Shops, Restaurants, Wholesale and Manufacturing, we are always prepared to serve the general public for their personal insurance needs.

A few years ago, we started getting requests from ‘pension age’ customers for travel insurance because their bank or travel agents were unable to provide them with cover due to their age or pre-existing medical conditions. We soon learned that the insurance companies we worked with didn’t cater these customers either. We felt it simply wasn’t fair that people who have worked all of their lives and are now at a point when they can do all the travelling they always wanted but had no option but to pay punitively high premiums or run the risk of travelling without insurance.

We went out to the market to source insurers who would offer comprehensive and competitive travel insurance to almost everyone who walked through our door. We are now able to cover people with all manner of medical conditions and one of the insurers on our panel can even offer insurance up to the age of 120!

This socially minded business model is what led us to launch the Insure Smart Foundation in 2014. Now in its fifth year the Foundation has gone from strength to strength. The Insure Smart team, along with our fantastically generous clients, have raised thousands of pounds for charities such as The Well Foundation and Maggie’s. How do we do it? Well, we give our customers the option to add £2.50 onto every single policy we arrange and then at the end of the year we look at how much has been collected from our clients and we double it. We also have a handy charity box at reception for any spare change.

Over the years, our staff have dressed up and down, ran, cycled and bungee jumped in the name of charity for the Insure Smart Foundation and national charity drives such as Children In Need and Christmas Jumper Day. Recently, members of the team participated in the Kirkcaldy Half Marathon and in doing so raised an incredible £1,766.23.

With our clients continued support, we hope to sustain this for many more years to come.

If you feel like you’d like to be a part of what we’re trying to achieve, why not contact us and give us the opportunity to provide you with a no-obligation quotation for whatever insurance you need and contribute towards the Insure Smart Foundation.

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