It’s a race to become the best employer amid candidate shortages

12th July 2022

Yes, you’re right, there’s always a problem to overcome when it comes to hiring. Just recently we were contending with The Great Resignation. And now we’re seeing a shortage of candidates, thanks in part to fear, driven by the current state of the economy.

It’s a race to become the best employer amid candidate shortages. But if you’re recruiting, this could be really bad news for you. It means you might not be able to attract and retain the best person for the job. That not only makes the hiring process more difficult for you, but it also means you run the risk of having to do it more than once for each role.

The good news is there’s a lot you can do to make sure you’re attracting the right people for your roles. And it all starts with your employer brand. Your employer brand tells both customers and prospective candidates a lot about your company. It is the ‘voice’ of your company - which might be fun and approachable, for example. It’s the way you interact with people on your social media platforms. And it’s the things your current employees say and feel about working for you. Get your employer brand right and candidates will be just waiting for vacancies to open up within your company.

So, before you next begin the hiring process, take some time to think about your employer brand. Ask your current employees about it. You could even ask for feedback on your social media platforms. That will give you a really good idea of where it already stands. And, as always, if you need any help or guidance, visit our website or just give us a call on 03301 246 160.

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