Keepsafe Storage continues to expand

18th June 2020

The first Storage solution that was to later become the Keepsafe brand you know today was born from the requirement to use an industrial unit space to provide a safe place to keep the 40ft shipping containers at the Perth harbour in the late 80’s. Soon the unit at the harbour wasn’t enough, and with an increased need to provide more storage and somewhere to locate the company vehicles it coincided with an opportunity to purchase a site on friarton road keeping everything very close to the customer, it made complete business sense.

The early 90’s brought continuous expansion and we knew that there was a better approach to storage out there, therefore a trip was taken to the USA to look at their innovative methods, from this it was obvious that the UK was missing a big trick… Drive up storage!

After the US trip the plan for the first drive up storage solution in Scotland and in fact the UK was in motion, a purpose built facility from the beginning was a sure fire way to cater to the customer and answer the demand that no one realised they needed.

Keepsafe Perth proved an instant success and expansion into Dundee was the next step. An initial site in Clepington Road was identified, subsequently relocated to a larger better located site on the Kingsway, which is the main arterial route into the city from the West. This continued the success story in the heart of Tayside, and allowed a further expansion into a second Dundee site at Claypotts, located this time on the main arterial route into the city from the East. This was the first facility to offer both indoor and outdoor storage and a business centre, truly a multipurpose facility.

Keepsafe continues to answer the storage requirement of the customer, providing a variety of options for any need identified. The undoubted success enjoyed by the company in Tayside led to management identifying the need for similar facilities within Central Scotland. The expansion programme moved to the latest enterprise in late 2019, Keepsafe Dunfermline.

Our latest acquisition came after careful consideration and detailed market research. It was clear that Fife was in need of a storage facility that could showcase our multipurpose services. Dunfermline itself was an easy choice, with an established business community and being a great location for both commercial and domestic clients throughout Fife and beyond. Keepsafe Dunfermline is located in one of the main industrial/commercial areas of the city, with easy access and located close to the motorway network in Central Scotland.

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