Learning is the key to success! How your employees' CPD helps your business grow

8th July 2022

How much time does your web partner spend learning?

Continued professional development, or CPD, is something that more and more workplaces across the country are implementing. It can help develop professional skills and allows businesses to stay up to date with recent trends and best practices.

So, when a member of the Fife Chamber of Commerce mentioned to David that CPD wasn’t worth the time it took out of the regular working week, you can imagine how taken aback David was.

Inspire has put together this short web surgery to highlight the benefits that CPD can bring to ANY type of business.

What is the purpose of CPD?

CPD is designed to ensure your business and your employees stay up-to-date on recent industry trends, practices and knowledge.

By dedicating just 1 or 2 hours per week to focused learning, employees can advance their knowledge in the areas that will help them succeed in their field. Whether this is on a new industry practice, a gap in knowledge or a new online system, CPD helps raise an individual's way of working to match, and possibly surpass company expectations and individual goals.

CPD is also essential to make sure individuals remain competent and qualified in their own role. As more and more people are becoming university qualified, it is no longer enough to simply have a degree in order to get the job that you desire.

However, by continuously improving knowledge over time, employees put themselves in the best position for new roles and opportunities both within and outside of their current company.

Therefore, it’s no exaggeration to say that continued professional development has changed from advisable to necessary in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Why CPD is critical to those who deliver within our digital world

The world is developing exponentially and the advancement of technology is constantly changing the way that we work.

In addition, the world of business has never been more competitive than it is today. Customers are faced with a plethora of options for every service they can possibly imagine, making it imperative that your business stands out from the rest.

Within the world of digital marketing, new algorithms, technical features, best methods and online platforms are constantly being rolled out and evolving. This is why it is particularly important for digital disruptors, like Inspire, to stay at the forefront of our rapidly developing industry.

Without this crucial CPD time, a company that works within the realm of the internet and Google algorithms could quickly find itself falling behind its competitors.

How much time does your web partner spend on CPD?

With all of that in mind, you might be left wondering how much time YOUR web partner is spending on continued professional development each week.

If you are spending top-dollar on SEO, digital marketing, web hosting and web development, it’s only natural that you want to be assured that your web partner is staying up-to-date with the best industry practices.

Inspire dedicates two ring-fenced Friday afternoons per month on CPD, and if the team is up to date with work, then the other 2 Fridays are released. We’re working on sharing what some of those learnings are in the coming months.

We believe businesses do not grow of their own accord. Businesses grow when people grow.

At Inspire we’re all about the journey, and we need to recognise that it’s only with self-investment that people evolve professionally. We’re all at different stages in our journey which is why we need to be in control of our development.

Through continued professional development, we can continually advance our skills and stay ahead of the rapidly changing curve of the internet.

Next time you speak with your web partner, why not ask them how much time they are spending on CPD each week to ensure they are meeting the minimum time required to stay afloat of the ever-rising digital marketing wave. Your question might just encourage them to take action!

You can get in touch with us through our website and request a meeting by clicking here or drop David a WhatsApp direct on 07776 410777.

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