Local Businessman Shoots and Scores in Facilities and Footie!

10th June 2022

Whether it’s in business or his projects of passion, local Kelty born entrepreneur, John Dignan puts it into the back of the net every time, all of the time.

It comes with great pleasure to announce that local businessman, Managing Director of Fife based Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider, Dynamic EMS, recently became the Commercial Director for Kelty Hearts Football Club.

John acquired and became the MD of Dynamic EMS in 2011, after an extensive and successful 20+ year career in electronics manufacturing, having worked for some of the industry’s leading multinational and multimillion pound organisations.

Dynamic EMS now employs close to 100 staff and has grown rapidly under John’s leadership. The company culture can be described as paternalistic towards its people, customers, and suppliers.

John commented, ‘With an average service of 18 years, our employees are truly an inspiration for me in the way they approach their ‘day to day’ work and their loyalty to ensure that Dynamic EMS achieves its aspirations.’

And John’s aspirations for Dynamic EMS are limitless as he plans to dominate the Scottish electronics manufacturing landscape, being the ‘go-to’ manufacturing service provider, an ambition that is quickly becoming a reality. COVID-19 may have presented several challenges for a lot of industries, Dynamic EMS however, being ISO 14835 certified (certified to manufacture non-invasive medical devices), were one of the lucky ones, as UK manufacturing companies were encouraged to safely keep on making by producing the countries respirator and medical equipment designed to defend and protect us in our fight against Covid.

On the subject of aspirations, John recently fulfilled another personal ‘goal’ on becoming the Commercial Director for Kelty Hearts Football Club.

Kelty is a village with deep roots in coal mining and inhabited with proud, respected people who have a strong work ethic and a resilient character. Kelty Hearts Football Club aim to be the community focal point to harness that working-class spirit and to generate the power for an inspirational village hub where ambition is limitless. Displaying humility is of paramount importance and earning the right to be successful is accepted as a challenge by everyone who represents the club. With the firm belief that they are ‘more than just a football club’, they aim to firmly establish themselves as the flagship football club in Fife, and to be one of the most respected community clubs in Scotland. On the pitch, the team were promoted from Scottish League Two as Champions in 2022.

Being Commercial Director for John means:

  • Working with the executive team on all things commercial whilst bringing on Strategic Sponsors who acknowledge the successful journey of Kelty Hearts Football Club and want to be part of its energy moving forward
  • Being born and bred in the village of Kelty, John has followed Kelty Hearts Football Club since 1975 and wants to assist the club in all its aspirations to be the community club at the heart of the village
  • The hope for John is that the club will achieve all its targets in the Scottish Football league, and if he can simply be part of that story, he will be a happy man

So, it goes to show that you can have your cake and eat it too, or in the case of John, he can continue to build on the success of Dynamic EMS, whilst supporting his local football team, a game that is all about flexibility, strategy, and agility, just like Dynamic EMS.

Good luck to John and the teams at Dynamic EMS and Kelty Hearts Football Club, you are making your local community proud. If you would like to be part of Kelty Hearts future success story, you can invest in various sponsorship and fundraising opportunities. Just reach out to find out more; https://keltyhearts.co.uk/.

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