Made in Fife: DYW Fife launches campaign to recognise and celebrate diverse careers successes in Fife

19th April

DYW (Fife) is launching a search for volunteers and nominations for people from Fife to take part in a new regional campaign, which showcases and celebrate successful careers, and successful people, from across Fife.

DYW (Fife) brings together local schools, colleges and businesses to offer skills development and learning opportunities, advice and support for young people to flourish as they progress into the world of work. Engaging with local people, the new campaign looks to inspire Fife’s young people to career success by celebrating the careers of people from the region and how they have built the foundations for their career in Fife.

Working closely with its partners, including Fife College, SDS Fife and Fife Council, as well as its strong network of schools and businesses across Fife, the project aims to find and celebrate a diverse range of Fife’s successful people. With no one way to define ‘career success’, it asks for nominations and volunteers from anyone who would like to share their career paths and stories, for a full campaign to be launched to young people later in the year.

Ryan Hepburn, DYW Fife Lead, said “Ultimately, we want Fife’s young people to understand the many ways they can find success in their careers. From community impacts, to care, construction, hospitality, manufacturing or any industry, we’re searching for a range of people from all ages, backgrounds and sectors to add their voice to our campaign and help show Fife’s young people just how many different ways to have a successful career there are. It is also a celebration of Fife more broadly and will look to bring together people from all walks of life to raise the profile of the whole region and raise the aspirations of Fife’s young people.”

The ask initially is to help us find potential people with a range of successful career stories who are from Fife. We will then brief the participants and will look to gather a short video clip from them. The final videos will be used in a campaign later in 2021, showcasing the many diverse ways in which career success can be achieved across all sectors and industries to Fife’s young people.

Examples of career success across all sectors and levels of experience could look like…

  • Working your way to the top of an organisation and making a success of the business
  • Starting and growing your business and employing/developing local Fife talent
  • Winning an award for your career achievements (This could be a Young Scot Apprentice of the Year Awards or a more business-focused award)
  • Someone who didn’t do conventionally well at school, pursuing and finding a career path which fulfils them
  • Someone who pivoted their career into doing a job which they now love
  • Someone who is supporting the local community through running a community service or group
  • Someone succeeding in a career which gives back to the community through providing care to others
  • Someone taking on and succeeding in apprenticeships to find a career passion
  • Someone who overcame career challenges or personal adversity (e.g., challenging background, physical or mental challenge, lack of the right grades or accreditations etc) to build a successful career doing something they love
  • Someone who is making a difference in Fife, through providing services which have had a positive impact on the local community
  • Someone who has built a career in non-traditional exciting roles, interesting sectors and diverse experiences which are different from the norm
  • Someone who is well-known and has a public profile in their field

To find out more about the campaign, or to volunteer or nominate someone you know to take part, please email Ryan Hepburn ([email protected]).

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