Martin & Co Kirkcaldy update us on rental property crisis

1st October 2020

Martin & Co Kirkcaldy closed doors for lockdown on 23 March and reopened at the start of August. The months between those dates were certainly unique. Difficult, frustrating, sad, demanding but – the lettings industry is fortunate in that most of us re-opened our doors and picked up where we left off all those months before.

The surreal quality of 2020 continued after we re-opened with an unprecedented demand for properties. Most agencies now have very little available properties to offer. Rental properties have disappeared off the shelves. Martin & Co Kirkcaldy windows usually display forty-five available properties. Today we have three. The flooding of a few weeks ago contributed greatly to the shortage as homeowners throughout Fife have left their flooded homes in the hands of insurance companies for repairs which, in many cases, will take several months.

Dreading a second lockdown, people are looking ahead, making sure they have suitable accommodation if it happens again. Working from home has also had a huge impact with many tenants upsizing to accommodate a home office.

Speaking about the situation Myra Blaik said: "The demand is huge. Every day we have to explain to disappointed clients that our stock has dwindled to almost nothing."

"Finally, can we offer a round of applause to our clients who have been wonderful. And we are certainly glad to be back in office at Martin & Co Kirkcaldy."

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