Members show support for each other at our #ChamberChat with HSE

14th July 2020

On 9th July we hosted our 6th #ChamberChat and we were delighted to be joined by HSE Chair, Martin Temple and his team. This event was very well attended and provided members and non-members a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from Martin, pose their own questions and get valuable advice not only from the HSE team but fellow chamber members.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share the following questions, replies and links with you all:

Question: Mark Cargill of Elite Audio asked if face coverings are mandatory within a smaller working environment?

Various advice given from attendees:

  • Mark Carroll, HSE Scotland advised that although they are not compulsory within the workplace, social distancing, sanitisation and general common sense should still be implemented.
  • Darrin Hawkes, Hawkes Health advised that the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has just issued guidance for companies or individual consultant’s visiting worksites in a COVID world.
  • Heather Stuart, Fife Cultural Trust: “What we are finding is pulling all of the relevant information into an easy to access re-induction training programme and document for people is being much appreciated so people are clear on what’s expected and needed to keep them and customers safe. Also helps with reassuring staff who feel nervous about returning to work to be able to see all of that information in advance. Also, we have done virtual tours via video for staff and customers showing our facilities updated with COVID proofing measures so they know what to expect and know we are keeping people safe and meeting standards. We have also found that language is so important with the team ie; moving away from PPE to talk about face coverings along with all of the other sanitisation e.g. hand sanitiser, good hygiene practice etc, has been helpful. For what we do, we don’t need medical standard visors. It is important to manage expectations whilst reassure the team that they will have and will be supplied with what they need.”
  • Michael Longstaffe, Smith Anderson said that they “have provided all 238 employees with a Morf/Buff to use on the way to work and at work, if they so choose. It provides a significant level of confidence for all and have been most welcome. (These will comply with the Scottish Government’s required ‘face covering’ protocol. In an office, we use simple Perspex screens between desks that’s really simple to do. Lots of common sense is required as so much is undefined”
  • A link provided by Alan Gow, Healthy Working Lives

And stated that if social distancing cannot be maintained then face coverings are recommended.

Working safely during the crisis:

Question: Michael Waterson of TechnipFMC asked for advice surrounding possible bottlenecks occurring within the working environment such as at tea/coffee stations, toilet areas etc.

Various advice given from attendees:

  • Ann Cunningham, Semefab said that they “have staggered assigned break times to help limit the amount of people within the rest areas”
  • Neil Alexander, Eclipse IP said that they “have recently installed a CCTV occupancy system for a client. The camera monitors how many people are in an area and gives a red/green traffic light system as to whether you should enter.”
  • Heather Stuart, FCC said “that bottleneck issue is an interesting one. It’s hard to imagine how this can be handled without in some places, fundamental changes to the layout of furniture etc.

Using Instant Chat functions on workplace computers is going to be incredibly important to minimise the flow and interaction of people as much as possible.”

  • Thomas Jackson, Leviton explained that “from tomorrow (10/07), aligning in some way with Scottish guidance, we are introducing mandatory face coverings when circulating around the factory and offices. As well as an additional level of protection we hope it will act as a reminder that the pandemic is still active. We have stressed that face coverings are not required when carrying out an employees usual tasks where hygiene and social distancing will still be required.”

Perspex Screens

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