Mental Health & Wellbeing Platform for Employers

12th October 2022

The NHS Workplace Team provide access to a Mental Health & Wellbeing Platform for Employers which was launched by the Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland - streamlining employer access to free and reputable health and wellbeing resources.

The platform is targeted at employers of all sizes in Scotland from large scale companies to SMEs and the self-employed, but it is also a useful resource for workers too. You can access the new Mental Health & Wellbeing Platform for Employers here.

Project partners aim to enhance the webpage by adding additional information such as local help, lived experience video clips and case studies in the future. They plan to develop a network to support and inform workplaces in relation to workforce mental health and wellbeing too.

To inform this evolving work, project partners are inviting workplaces who are engaged in the topic of workforce mental health the opportunity to attend their upcoming workshop meeting (in November) where feedback on the existing webpage material can be shared.

There will also be an opportunity to view the new Mentally Flourishing Workplace framework and additionally, trial it with your workforce.

Please contact Workplace Team via return email to: [email protected] by 19th October, if you would like to attend the project partners workshop in November.

With your permission stated, we can pass your details on to Public Health Scotland who will make contact with you to discuss the workshop further.

Workplace Team remains available to support you locally with workforce mental health and wellbeing.

Do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or alternatively, view our webpage for resources and guidance.

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