MHA Henderson Loggie named Exemplary Employee of Choice

5th March 2021

MHA Henderson Loggie has been named ‘Exemplary Employer of Choice’ at the respected cHeRries Awards which recognise excellence in the fields of human resources, training and recruitment. Now in their 13th year, the awards ceremony took place virtually on Thursday 4th March 2021 at 6pm.

The award is sponsored by University of Aberdeen Business School, and recognises organisations which clearly demonstrate that people are genuinely at the heart of the business.

MHA Henderson Loggie chairman Alan Davis said: “This is huge recognition and reward for everyone who makes our firm the sort of place we enjoy working in. To be recognised as a top tier exemplary employer is an accolade to be very proud of and is the result of developing strong values which everyone understands, giving everyone who works for the firm a voice, and helping people to reach their full potential. We are very genuine about our commitment to excellence as an employer and not afraid to resource some of the brightest ideas which can breathe new life into our day to day working lives, benefitting of staff and our clients. To be known as a good employer is a very good thing indeed.”

New initiatives introduced include the launch of the firm-wide HL Training Academy which gives staff the opportunity to network and share knowledge across the organisation while meeting technical training requirements and engaging with career development learning programmes. Agile working has been introduced to create a better work life balance in support of staff health and wellbeing, and social networking technology for internal communications has been instrumental in keeping the organisation’s culture and values front and centre, especially throughout pandemic.

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